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FAA is owned and operated by Anne Kelly Lewis, ISA AM. Anne is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers. She is the current president of the North Texas Chapter of ISA (NTISA) and is an active board member the Foundation for Appraisal Education (FAE). With a BA in Art's Management from the College of Charleston, Anne has experience and education in the arts non-profit world and a keen understanding of how art institutions operate and function.

She is in her tenth year as the director of an established American fine art gallery in Dallas, Texas, David Dike Fine Art, L.L.C. The gallery specializes in turn of the century to mid-century American and European art. Anne has fully executed eight highly successful annual fine art auctions: The David Dike Fine Art, Texas Art Auction. As gallery director and the fine art auction coordinator, she has hands on experience with  distribution and acquisition of fine art.

Anne's experience and close observation of both  private art transactions, and involvement with the auction sales sectors attest to her comprehension of value; and advanced understanding of the variation of different appraisal needs. Her knowledge of art and experience in fluctuating economic times, has equipped her with a tight grip on the ever-changing art market which makes the FAA appraisal experience effective and efficient. Her appointments in both NTISA and FAE involve planning and executing educational seminars for personal property appraisers. Among other activities these involvements support and maintain the personal property appraising professional field. 

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